Frequently asked questions

Since founding the business in 2016 we have seen all kinds of questions. These ones come up the most. We have also used the experience to build a set of solutions that meet our customers needs. Two of the hottest Q’s right now? Speed of support: we answer the phone in under 90 seconds, no voicemails, no callbacks. Protecting your business: we provide a complete cyber risk solution as a minimum standard.

IT Support Questions

If you are on one of our support packages you will have access to:

  • Fast, direct to technician phone support
  • SMS text for users on mobile phones
  • Toast notifications & chat from desktop
  • Submit ticket via email for medium urgency
  • Microsoft Teams integrated support tool
  • WhatsApp/fb messenger in beta (eta q4 2022)

It is provided at no extra charge for our clients, unlimited tickets with 3 support options:

  1. Unlimited, remote, business hours, 8am to 5pm (your local timezone)
  2. Onsite and remote, business hours, 8am to 5pm (your local tz)
  3. 24×7 unlimited remote support and business hour onsite.

*Server/service, network, and security maintenance & monitoring is conducted 24×7 for all three options. Never fear, our team is working behind the scenes to keep your stuff running even if the call centre is taking a nap

Other common questions

Absolutely, that is a basic part of doing business, we have a robust cyber risk management platform built into all of support plans. What some companies charge extra for or only include on the most expensive plans we deliver to every client on a support plan.

Our average customer invests $2000 per month with us. To get you a more accurate price we will need to look at:

  • What is it costing you now? Current spend on productivity issues, for example time waste in minutes per day x average wage x workflow waste x the opportunity loss?
  • What about the cost of a future breach? The Canadian privacy laws have a 6-figure penalty. Business continuity is not guaranteed in a ransomware incident.
  • Can you calculate the cost of remediating these with an in-house team? Hire an IT professional at $70 to $120k per year? Or have the business owner who is worth $400/hour to the company manage it themselves?

It is a fundamental part of our business model that we always build out a share documentation platform that stores the passwords, account info, network details, etc. for our clients. You will have “break in case of emergency” access to this at anytime.

Our prices are aligned with the industry average – so your current solution is likely providing less than average results.

It stands to reason that all IT providers in the area are subject to the same market forces, the same vendors, the same average wages.

You will find that there is always a trade-off with these cheap providers; a lack of investment in cyber risk management is a very common one. 

  • Or you may find that their IT support times are longer than acceptable.
  • Or the provider is not proactive enough and there seems to be issues every day.

These challenges all come down to a simple lack of investment in the people, technology, and processes required to run a professional IT company.

In short, no one is making a fortune in the IT services industry; companies are either charging correctly or cutting corners in a way that leads to far costlier productivity and security issues.

The cloud is just someone else’s server that you rent and connect to remotely over the internet. That is an oversimplification but the best way to put it without getting technical. If you still believe, post-pandemic, that the best solution for a small business is to horde servers in some dusty closet at the office, you are probably a fit for another provider. We will be happy to help you find one! 

  • Alternatively, we have helped many clients that are open to new ways get their chunks of metal of the dusty closet and onto the cloud. We realize it is a process. Which can take months or even years. But cloud-based business will our joint goal. It is portable, easier to secure, has higher uptime, and helps your company move faster.

First, set up a meeting with the 3 of us including the owner/CEO/etc. and we can do the work for you. Our goal is to support our client in their role, so if that involves making you look good, happy to help!

If you are not ready to meet yet, consider helping them look at the cost of investment in this perspective:

  • Would you pay a fraction of single wage to get a full it department with all the tools and various skillsets that will keep i.t. running like a top?
  • For a monthly fee at less than 1% of revenue is it worthwhile to protect all of the revenue and future earning potential of the company?
  • What is the business currently spending on equipment that gets used a few times per day like a forklift / vehicle vs. “factory machinery” that every coworker uses all day, every day such as i.t.?
  • How much more money can be made with system optimization, speedy customer service, & better employee experience?
Easy, just book a time and our founder will personally meet with you and discuss how we can help. We will do our best not to be boring and get you some straight answers.

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