Small Businesses Are Cyber Targets

A cityscape with a target in the middle, appealing to small businesses as potential cyber targets.

Cyber criminals are targeting businesses of all sizes, all the time. And new research shows just how they’re doing it. We tell you how to stay protected.

Top Data Breaches of 2023

In the year 2023, a troubling trend of significant data breaches emerged, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. These breaches, considered the top data breaches of the year, served

Today, where businesses thrive, and the digital economy is the backbone of our day-to-day transactions, the impact of a data breach can ripple through every corner of commerce and community life. Picture a local healthcare clinic, entrusted with safeguarding your family’s health records, falling victim to a cyber-attack. Your most private information now potentially sits […]

Google’s RETVec: Making Your Gmail Inbox Safer and Spam-Free

A Retvec robot holding a laptop with the words ready?.

Are you tired of dealing with the never-ending nuisance of spam emails? Well, guess what? Google has got your back! They’ve unleashed a super cool tool called RETVec, the ultimate digital hero, here to save the day and keep your Gmail inbox a spam-free paradise. What is RETVec? RETVec stands for Resilient and Efficient Text […]

Goodbye Old Passwords, Hello Passkeys.

Goodbye old passwords hello Passkeys.

Imagine a world where long, complicated passwords are a thing of the past. This future may be closer than you think. Google has taken a major step forward by making Passkeys the default way to sign in to all personal accounts on its network, marking the beginning of a new era of better online security. […]

Are your younger employees your biggest cyber security risk?

An employee holding a cell phone with the words cyber security risk.

Young employees are often seen as the most tech-savvy members of the workforce. But what if they’re also the biggest cyber security risk? New research has uncovered an unexpected twist in the tale of cyber security risks – your tech-savvy younger employees may be your biggest vulnerability. The Security research: Let’s take a closer look. […]

Tempted to test new features before everyone else? DON’T BE!

A person is displaying a sign signaling the cessation of new beta features.

Ever been tempted to download the beta version of your favorite app, ready to test out all the cool new features before everyone else? STOP!! The FBI has some news that might just make you think twice. Cyber criminals have come up with a brand new trick to lure us into their lair. They’re hiding […]

Microsoft and Samsung team up to boost work phone security

Samsung logo, work phone security

You’ve checked your pockets, your bag, under pillows … and then it hits you. You left your work phone on the table at the coffee shop. You panic. It’s not the device itself that’s got you worried, but all the sensitive business information stored on it. If that mobile ends up in the wrong hands, […]

Is your business data at risk? Don’t take chances with old tech

Is your business data at risk? Don’t take chances with old tech

When you replace old computers or external drives, do you delete data and then just… get rid of them? You could be putting your sensitive data at risk. A new study by a data recovery specialist shows that millions of deleted files can be recovered from improperly wiped hard drives that are sold online. It’s […]