Why Regular Vulnerability Assessments Are Essential for SMEs

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Cyber threats persist as a constant challenge for business owners, with hackers relentlessly inventing new ways to breach computer systems and networks. For businesses, regardless of their size, adopting a proactive stance in cybersecurity is non-negotiable. Central to this proactive defense is the routine conduct of vulnerability assessments—a meticulous and systematic evaluation that spots and […]

The Cyber Investment: Why SMBs Should Prioritize Cybersecurity

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In an era where digital advancements are accelerating in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries, there’s a critical component that can no longer be sidelined—cyber security. Investing in proactive cyber security defenses is not just advisable; it’s essential. The Alarming Truth About Cybersecurity in SMBs Surprisingly, statistics reveal that nearly 50% of SMBs operate without […]

Say Goodbye to Password Overload: Your Guide to Password Managers

Woman resting her head on a laptop, looking frustrated, with graphic overlays of a password and the words 'Password Overload'.

A recent report disclosed that 1 in 4 individuals are grappling with password overload, and the consequences are more than just a temporary inconvenience—it’s a critical security risk. Common Password Pitfalls Thriving businesses demand robust cybersecurity habits, yet even the most diligent among us fall prey to common missteps: These missteps can lead to catastrophic […]

Cyber Security Training For SMBs in 2024

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While the workforce is arguably the most critical asset of any enterprise, they can inadvertently become the primary gateway for cyber threats. Evidence suggests that human mistakes contribute to nearly 82% of data breaches. This vulnerability makes common attack methods like phishing, brand impersonation, and domain squatting particularly effective against individuals with minimal security knowledge. […]

How Deepfakes Are Changing the Game: A Guide to Staying Secure in the Age of AI

Graphic illustrating "how deepfakes are changing the game" with a split image of a woman's face and a digital face, overlaid by the paranubi logo and text regarding AI Security.

Have you been swept into the technological realm where reality is increasingly hard to pin down? Picture the surprise that grips you when a video of your beloved actor, Tom Cruise, surfaces online, spewing sentiments that send the internet into a frenzy—only to learn it never actually happened. This is the bewildering world of deepfakes, […]

You’re at Greater Risk of Malware in 2024 Than Ever Before 

A person holding a laptop displaying a graph titled "malware risk 2024" with an upward trend, symbolizing escalating security threats.

Here’s something not-so-fun but incredibly important to talk about: Malware attacks. And it’s bad news. These scary cyber threats are hitting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) harder than ever before. That means you need to know how you can defend your business.  First things first, what exactly is malware?   Think of it as the digital equivalent […]

Your Guide to Microsoft Security Copilot

Image of a blurred computer keyboard with the Microsoft Security Copilot logo prominently displayed in the foreground, serving as a guide to enhanced security.

What Is Microsoft Security Copilot? In the realm of cybersecurity, Microsoft Security Copilot stands as a formidable ally. It leverages the robust capabilities of AI and machine learning to outpace and outsmart cyber threats. This tool isn’t just about raw power; it’s about honing the finesse of cybersecurity operations to a fine art. Microsoft Security […]

SubdoMailing: The New Phishing Threat Endangering Your Business

Laptop screen displaying an email inbox with enveloping red error messages indicating a Phishing Threat and abstract lines and shapes in the background.

You’re navigating your inbox, a routine as familiar as your morning coffee. An email from a familiar name flashes across your screen. The company logo, the professional layout, everything screams authenticity. But what if this seemingly innocuous email is the hook of a sophisticated phishing scam? Introducing ‘SubdoMailing’, potentially the most perilous cyber threat your […]

The State of Cybersecurity in 2024

Businessperson analyzing the state of cybersecurity on a digital graph on a tablet.

In today’s digitally connected world, the significance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. With rapid technological advancements come evolving threats in the online world that companies, especially in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries, cannot afford to ignore. Given that human error contributes to approximately 88% of data breaches, the role of informed behavior in cybersecurity […]

The Hidden Dangers of QR Codes

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a QR code, with a larger QR code visible in the background, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity tips.

Picture this: After a long day of work, you decide to grab a bite at your local diner. What used to be a traditional paper menu is now replaced with a simple QR code—neat, efficient, and fits the new normal perfectly. You scan it without a second thought, but have you ever considered that this […]