OpenAI GPT-4o: Top 5 New Features You Need to Know

On May 13th, The makers of ChatGPT revealed several impressive upgrades during the OpenAI Spring Update. Among these new advancements is the debut of the GPT-4o model. Although it’s not ChatGPT-5, GPT-4o presents significant updates to the existing model. Here are the top 5 features you need to know about GPT-4o:

1. Free to All

Imagine receiving a powerful tool that could revolutionize your business operations, and it comes at no extra cost. That’s exactly what GPT-4o offers. Unlike previous iterations that were locked behind a $20 monthly premium, GPT-4o is now accessible to everyone. You can now build custom chatbots, analyze data more comprehensively, and even access a store filled with tools crafted by other users—all for free.

2. Conversational Speech

During the live demos, the room was filled with an almost tangible excitement when OpenAI showcased the voice assistant’s real-time conversational speech. Imagine asking your assistant to tell a bedtime story, only to interrupt it mid-sentence and request a change in tone. The assistant doesn’t just comply—it adapts, becoming more dramatic or emotional, even robotic if you wish. It’s like having an AI companion who’s not just responsive but emotionally intelligent. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, from customer service to interactive storytelling.

3. Live Translation Tool

Imagine traveling to Italy (or any country) without needing to brush up on your Italian. In one demo, CTO Mira Murati spoke in Italian, and the voice assistant seamlessly translated the conversation in real-time and accurately. Whether you’re navigating a busy market in Rome or negotiating terms with an international client, this live translation tool will be your new translator, making interactions smoother and more meaningful.

4. Tutoring

Think back to your school days, struggling over complicated math problems. Now, having an assistant who can not only see the equation through your phone’s camera but also walk you through each step without giving away the answer. During a live demo, the team showed GPT-4o helping solve an equation and even spotting changes made on the fly. It’s like having a personal tutor available at any time, ready to guide you through academic challenges or help debug your code in real-time. The vision capabilities extend to desktops too, enabling code analysis and understanding, which can drastically simplify your workflow.

5. More Updates and Tools

The OpenAI Spring Update wasn’t just about GPT-4o; it also introduced a suite of additional tools. There’s a new desktop app designed to streamline your workflows, along with advanced features like face detection and emotion perception. Imagine being able to gauge user reactions in real-time or having a desktop app that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools. You can watch the live demo videos directly on the OpenAI YouTube channel. While not all features are available yet, they promise to roll out gradually, bringing even more power to our fingertips.

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