Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity with Microsoft Teams’ New Copilot Features

Elevate Your Workflow with Copilot in Microsoft Teams. The latest Copilot upgrades in Microsoft Teams offer remarkable tools to optimize their workday. The full scoop here:

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Capture the Creativity of Your Meetings

In the thick of dynamic meetings where ideas flow plentifully, capturing every meaningful contribution can feel overwhelming. Copilot has been designed to address this exact scenario. It transcribes your dialogue and isolates the most salient points, ensuring that every valuable thought is preserved.

Redefine Chat Messaging

Ever sent a message only to wish you could tweak it immediately after? Copilot introduces the ability to refine chat messages on the spot, offering suggestions that can enhance the clarity and impact of team communications.

Automated Call Recaps for Teams Premium Subscribers

After each call, Teams Premium subscribers can now access detailed summaries, thanks to Copilot’s recap feature. It’s like having an assistant diligently take notes, crystallizing the actionable items for you.

Video Calls Redefined with IntelliFrame

Enter IntelliFrame, a smart framing solution that ensures all participants are evenly presented throughout the call. This advancement means no more awkward camera angles – just consistently professional video call experiences.

Tips for Harnessing Microsoft Teams and Copilot

  • Never Miss a Moment: Leverage Copilot to capture key meeting moments with precision.
  • Communicate with Clarity: Employ Copilot’s messaging assistance to sharpen your team’s communication.
  • Simplify Your Summaries: Utilize Copilot’s call recap tool for an effortless post-call wrap-up.
  • Polished Presentations: Guarantee every team member’s visibility with IntelliFrame’s smart video framing.

Equipped with insights on Microsoft Teams’ Copilot features, it’s time to put these powerful tools to use.

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